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Group Employment is the easiest way to take on apprentices and trainees. With Group Employment, you get all the advantages of carefully selected apprentices and trainees, short or long-term, without the hassle of paperwork and payroll.

Any business can use Group Employment - we are active in just about every industry: construction, financial services, manufacturing, retail, health, automotive, and hospitality to name a few.

We employ apprentices and trainees and then place them with your organisation. We take care of the paperwork for wages, allowances, workers compensation, superannuation etc, while you allow time off to attend any off-the-job training that may be required. And we support you  throughout the period of the apprenticeship or traineeship to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Our apprentices and trainees are hosted by employers for the duration of their Australian Apprenticeship. Host organisations are invoiced weekly, on a 'per hour' basis, for the actual hours the Australian Apprentice is on the job.

Group Employment has many advantages:-



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